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Manual of Procedure

IV. Staff

Interim Meeting selects, employs, and defines the responsibilities of the General Secretary. The General Secretary, with the guidance of the Supervisory Committee, may employ such staff as allowed in the budget approved by the Yearly Meeting in session. The Camp Directors, with the guidance of the Camping Program Committee, employ such staff as the budgets for the various camping programs allow.

Other Committees of the Yearly Meeting desiring staff need to develop a proposal and present it to Interim Meeting for approval. The proposal must include at least the following: 1) job description; 2) the Committee to which the staff is to report; 3) budget and compensation.

After approval of the proposal, the Committee interviews candidates and makes a recommendation to the General Secretary, who employs and directs the staff in accord with the proposal and general Yearly Meeting personnel policy. Interim Meeting may require Committees employing or directing staff to coordinate personnel policies.

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