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Third Month 2020 Interim Meeting

March 21, 2020
Hopewell Centre Monthly Meeting (Winchester, VA)

Dear BYM Friends,

I’m writing to let you know that Interim Meeting will not be held on March 21st. We thank Hopewell Centre for their offer to host us. Because of the uncertainty of these times, setting a date for another Interim Meeting between now and June seems unwise, so we will plan to meet next on Saturday, June 13, 2020, hosted by Adelphi Friends Meeting at Friends Community School.

But we can still keep the business of the Yearly Meeting moving forward, which is the task of Interim Meeting (though we will miss seeing each other).

Committee and staff reports will continue to be gathered and updated, and then will be sent out from the BYM office to everyone on Thursday, March 19. If you have things to share–including announcements–please get them to Wayne Finegar by March 18th by noon. ( Then set aside time to read these reports thoughtfully.

Some decisions need to be made to keep things going. There is a request for a new Working Group, we have two travel minutes to approve, there is a request for funds to cover a long term planning project for BYM, and a minute of support for the Monacan Indian Nation from the Indian Affairs Committee. These requests will be given to Supervisory Committee, which is tasked with making decisions between Interim Meetings. The committee will season and discern the way forward for each item of business. Any decisions made will be reported at our next Interim Meeting.

If your committee was supposed to meet on Interim Meeting Day, please check with your clerk. Small groups of Friends may feel comfortable meeting and you can decide on a location. Wayne in the BYM office is always glad to set up Zoom meetings for committees. Please check with Wayne if that is what you’d like. If you haven’t done a Zoom meeting before, Wayne can help you learn how to do this.

The fellowship part of Interim Meeting is a little harder to replace–but please try! We can hold each other in the Light every day as we go through this challenging and worrying time. Please think of those who may need a kind and encouraging word, and make a phone call or send an email, etc. Expand your ways of communicating–learn some new technologies that would help you stay in touch.

We can depend on the love and guidance of the Spirit through this time, and on our commitment to and affection for one another. We have a very handy religion! We can worship anywhere, and know that the Spirit is with us, and know that other Friends are also worshiping. It is wonderful to be part of this community.

With love,

Marcy Baker Seitel
BYM Clerk of Interim Meeting

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