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Fall 2022 Interim Meeting

Saturday, November 5, 2022
Hybrid Session in-person and by Zoom
In-person session at Sandy Spring Meeting

Join Friends from all parts of the Yearly Meeting as we gather to conduct the business of the Yearly Meeting.

Registration for the Fall 2022 BYM Interim Meeting is now open. You must register for the session regardless of whether you are attending in-person or on-line. There will be information about how to connect virtually in your registration receipt. This information will be recirculated in advance of the Meeting. Masks will be required for everyone attending in-person.

Friends attending in-person have the option to join together for lunch. You are welcome to bring your own items or lunch will be provided for those who have indicated they wanted to participate.


9:30am Business

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Committee Meetings


  • Agenda items are due to the Clerk of Interim Meeting ( by Monday, October 17th. 
  • Supporting documents are due to the General Secretary ( by Thursday, October 27th. 
  • If your Committee would like to meet at Interim Meeting, please email the General Secretary. 

Committees Scheduled to Meet

Agenda and Documents


  1. Welcome from Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
  2. Nominating Committee Report (Chip Tucker & Karie Firoozmand)
  3. Faith & Practice: A Revision of the “Life of the Spirit” (Davis Balderston)
  4. Treasurer’s Report - (Jim Riley)
    1. Balance Sheet YTD
    2. Financial Statement YTD
  5. Development Committee Report & Fundraising Update (Gretchen Hall)
  6. 350th Anniversary Committee Report & Laying Down (John Yost)
  7. Updates from Friends United Meeting (Georgia Fuller)
  8. 2022 Camping Season In Review (Brian Massey) 
  9. Women’s Retreat Epistle (Inga Erickson) 
  10. Annual Session Epistle (TBD)
  11. Reproductive Justice Working Group (Martha Solt)
  12. Program Committee: Annual Session 2023 Theme & Site Updates (Linda Coates)
  13. Announcements
  14. Closing Worship

Written Reports

If you have questions about the agenda, please contact Steph Bean at 

Registration Form

Will you attend in-person or online?
If attending in-person, do you want lunch?
Will you stay late for fellowship & the online Stony Run jazz concert?
Stony Run Friends Meeting will be hosting their annual jazz concert on Sat, Nov. 5th at 7:00pm. After Interim Meeting, a group of Friends will likely go out to dinner and return to Sandy Spring Meeting to join the Stony Run concert via Zoom. Are you interested in staying for this social event?

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