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Annual Session 2021
Young Adult Friends

We are of course saddened to not see you all in person this year, but are glad to say BYM Young Adult Friends will be gathering online this Annual Session. Our schedule and activities are still being discerned, and will be shared with you soon. For updates young adults (ages 18-35) who want to stay in the loop or join in on our planning should join our email list (, or our Discord server (see the BYM YAF page on the Yearly Meeting website for a link to join). Even if you aren’t planning to participate in this year’s Annual Session, we’d love to have you join one or both of these channels to connect with us. Please note our Discord server is limited to Young Adults Friends ages 18-35 within (and outside of) BYM explicitly. Thank you for understanding our need for a safe and private space to gather our community. YAF’s are of course encouraged to participate in all other Annual Sessions activities, and space will be given for such in consideration of our own Annual Sessions schedule. We look forward to seeing you online! Love and Light the BYM YAFs.

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