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Annual Session 2021

August 2 to 8, 2021

Seeking Wholeness: Knowing Our Shadow and Our Light

Hood College - Frederick, Maryland
or virtually if necessary

I would know my shadow and my light,
so shall I at last be whole.
Then courage, ..., dare the grave passage.
Here is no final grieving, but an abiding hope.
The moving waters renew the earth. It is spring.
From the oratorio “A Child of Our Time,” Michael Tippett

350 years! Beginning with this Annual Session and concluding in 2022, Baltimore Yearly Meeting will celebrate its 350th year of gathering as a community of Friends. Three hundred fifty years of ministry and worship and witness.

There is a biblical concept called Jubilee; a recurring cycle of celebration centered upon reflection, forgiveness, and justice. As commanded by ancient biblical prophets, Jubilee calls for examination of the ways in which injustice is embedded in personal and communal relationship patterns. It demands of us deep courage; to look with honesty at the shadow side of our history. It invites us to embrace the Light that exposes both our flaws and our potential. It provides us an opportunity to move forward together with integrity toward wholeness.

The biblical notion of Jubilee can help us focus our celebration as a time for looking back and looking forward. We look back at 350 years of Quaker history both to celebrate accomplishments and to assess where we failed our call. We look forward to finding where we might plant the sacred seeds of truth, justice, and love entrusted to us by our Quaker forebears.

Friends, as we celebrate our Jubilee together let us embrace this moment to refresh ourselves for the work and the ministry to come.

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