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Annual Session 2020
Events of the Week

Technology Use During Annual Session

Program Committee looks forward to welcoming you to our first virtual Annual Session. We’re aware that this will be a different experience for everyone. We hope to make it as pleasant as possible. We are still evaluating technology platforms to host sessions. We know that many of you are familiar with Zoom through Meeting for Worship or work, but we are not sure it provides all of the necessary capabilities. We're also aware of security concerns. We are expecting to use a platform that allows access across devices (tablet, computer, smart phone) as well as the opportunity to phone in to participate in any session. Once you have registered, we will keep you informed about what technology platform is being used, and how to access the programs. During Annual Session (and pre-sessions), we will also offer short daily training sessions on the technology.

Technology Help Request: Volunteers Needed

Do you know how to mute yourself during a videoconference? Do you wish you could help others with that? Can you easily navigate around your favorite videoconference app? Do you think you could manage being the host for a meeting? And most importantly, are you available to volunteer during Annual Session? If so, we could use your help with managing the conferencing technology during Annual Session. If you think you’d be right for this opportunity, please contact Jason Eaby at Training will be provided.

Worship Sharing

Each morning Friends will be invited to gather with others in small groups to share in worship. In keeping with recent practice, several different formats for worship will be offered. Among these will be worship sharing around a query, worship in unity with nature, family friendly worship, Bible Study, and possibly a few others. Details of who will lead these and how the on-line connections will be made are still in planning stages.

We will also be asking Friends to offer the gift of “Holding the Meeting in the Light” during Business sessions and will be seeking volunteers.

Drop-in Lunch

New for 2020! We’ll have some virtual “rooms” open for those who want to socialize online during the lunch hour. This could be a relaxing time to catch up with old and new F/friends.

Intervisitation Lounge

The Intervisitation Working Group will be sponsoring 2 sessions during the week when visitors to Baltimore Yearly Meeting can get together to discuss concerns and joys. We look forward to connecting with those that have joined us in the past and those new to our sessions. This is a great time to share what we have learned in our visits to other Meetings and from visitors to our own Yearly Meeting. These sessions have been scheduled at times that we hope will be practical for online visitors from the Western United States, as well as from Africa and Europe (late mornings, Eastern Daylight Time).


Workshops on a wide variety of topics of interest to Friends are presented at five different times during Annual Session and the week of pre-session. Leaders come from BYM or represent other Quaker organizations. Descriptions of workshops begin on page 6. Sign up for one workshop or a Connecting Local Meetings (CLM) session each day. CLMs offer a chance to consult with Friends from other Meetings, and share challenges and successes on the topic. Some workshops limit attendance, so make sure you get the workshop of your choice! You may indicate your workshop preferences at the time you register. Click here to go to the Workshop Descriptions.

The Daily Minute

The Daily Minute is the newsletter of Annual Session. An electronic Daily Minute will be produced during Annual Session 2020 and sent to everyone who is registered.

Evening Singing

Most singers learned quickly that singing “together” over Zoom isn’t possible. IF we have identified ways to do that by the time of Annual Session, we will let you know.

Things We Will Miss

We will miss sharing our talents and passions at the Coffee House, celebrating Friends of all ages at the Celebration, Interest Groups and Committee Meetings, browsing the crafts and media in the Bookstore. Come back in 2021 for these and more!

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