Miles White Beneficial Society of Baltimore City

The Miles White Beneficial Society of Baltimore City was founded and incorporated in 1874 to administer a trust established under the will of Miles White, a member of the Eutaw Street Meeting, the predecessor of Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Homewood. Upon the consolidation of Baltimore Yearly Meeting in 1968, oversight of this trust passed to the Yearly Meeting. The Articles of Incorporation state: "The objects of this Corporation shall be to promote piety and Christianity (especially by the dissemination of books and tracts); to extend aid to the young in their religious, moral, and intellectual training and education; and to relieve the deserving poor."

The trust is administered by the trustees of the Society who "shall annually make a written statement of its operations, and of the disposition and condition of its finances for the preceding year, and submit the same to the Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends." There are eight to ten trustees, nominated by the Nominating Committee and appointed by the Yearly Meeting during its Annual Session to serve a three-year term which commences after the Miles White Beneficial Society's annual meeting in October. Appointees serve no more than two consecutive terms. Trustees meet monthly, as needed.

Program Year 2017 Scholarship and Grants

The Miles White Memorial Scholarship may be granted annually to a member of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends for undergraduate study at the college or university of choice. Decisions are made based on academic performance, character, and financial need.

Other grants of lesser amounts may be made to qualified students associated with the Society of Friends on the same basis if funds are available.

Applications will be considered only from students – not from third parties. However, financial information may be submitted separately in confidence by parents or guardians.

Application materials are included on page 2 of this document. Additional information and materials may be requested from Applications should be returned on or before March 15, 2017 and should be submitted electronically to the mailbox cited above.

Miles White Beneficial Society

of Baltimore City

Application for Scholarships and Grants

Answer all items fully. Sign and date your application.

  1. Name, date of birth, permanent address, telephone number, and e-mail address
  2. Current school and address
  3. Your religious affiliation? Where is your membership? List some of your recent related activities.
  4. Request one or two members of Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends (other than your parents) who know you well, to write on your behalf, addressing their comments to The Secretary. This information should also be received on or before March 15. Include with your application the names and contact information of the Friends you asked to write for you.
  5. Provide recommendations from your high-school principal or advisor and/or your college advisor.
  6. Submit transcripts of your high school and/or college reports.
  7. What are your educational plans? What studies do you wish to pursue? Where will you study? Has an acceptance date been fixed?
  8. What are your projected expenses for the coming year?
  9. What are your resources? (Employment, savings, other scholarships, parental support, etc.?)
  10. What is your family’s gross annual income? Savings? Investments? What special circumstances or comments do you wish to add?
  11. What indebtedness do you have, current or anticipated?
  12. If you have received a grant or scholarship in a previous year and are applying for another, a new completed application must accompany your transcripts to bring your file up to date.
  13. Please provide a current snapshot. (optional)
  14. Create a signature block. Sign and date your application.

Please Note: Most colleges consider the value of a Miles White grant in calculating their own grant-in-aid. It is possible that recipients of Miles White grants may be listed in published reports of our work.