Youth Programs Committee

The Youth Programs Committee oversees the Junior Young Friends (middle school) program and the Young Friends (high school) program, which provide opportunities for young people to come together and create a loving Quaker community. Our children find a safe place where they feel accepted and able to be themselves, a community where they can learn, make mistakes and grow. They have fun! They experience the deep centering of Friends worship and challenges and joys of Quaker decision-making. Within their loving community, and through workshops and community service, our children develop a strong sense of what the world can be. With the support and guidance from adults in the community, Young Friends are responsible overseeing all aspects of the Young Friends conferences. See their Handbook for how they do it. The BYM Youth Programs are creating Quaker leaders.

Click to see the complete description of the Committee as it appears in the current Manual of Procedure.

In October of 2009, the Yearly Meeting approved adoption of a Youth Safety Policy which is used by the Youth Programs Committee for the operation of their events.

Listed below are the current members of the committee.

Annalee Flower Horne, Co-Clerk
Takoma Park Preparative Meeting
Rebecca "Becka" Haines Rosenberg, Co-Clerk
Alexandria Friends Meeting
Shawn Bishop
Adelphi Friends Meeting
Johanna Cowie
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
Katherine "Kat" Darnell
Frederick Friends Meeting
James "Jamie" DeMarco
Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Stony Run
Thomas "Tom" Horne
Takoma Park Preparative Meeting
James Key
Adelphi Friends Meeting
Graham Martin-Poteet
Adelphi Friends Meeting
Caroline "Amrit" Moore
Maury River Friends Meeting
Mark Roush
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
Miles "Chip" Trail
Maury River Friends Meeting
Jocelyn "Jossie" Dowling, Youth Programs Manager
Catoctin Quaker Camp
Ruby Brayan, Young Friends Representative
Molly Carroll, Young Friends Representative
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
Robert Finegar, Young Friends Representative
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting

Youth Programs Committee Annual Reports

Youth Programs Interchange Reports

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