Ideas for lowering barriers to involvement
of people of color (POC) in our Meetings

Friends should feel free to begin with whichever ideas seem most doable and sensible to them.
  1. Recruit a small group within the Meeting that is willing to focus on efforts to moving the Meeting to becoming more multicultural
  2. Let people know we exist in ways other than “word of mouth” such as print, broadcast and online media
  3. Make sure information about the Meeting shows up in communities of color and in media read by those communities
  4. Conduct First Day programs that assume the presence of children of color and work to meet the needs of all children
  5. Conduct workshops on how racism affects both whites and POC
  6. Conduct workshops on understanding microagressions
  7. Encourage white Friends to get to know individual POC
  8. Encourage Friends not to let their fears of interracial missteps--no matter how well founded those fears are--keep them from engaging with people of other ethnicities
  9. Increase emphasis on pastoral care
  10. Become actively involved in local community social justice work that is led by people of color.
  11. Learn how POC houses of worship support their membership and consider using similar approaches in the Meeting
  12. Learn from denominations that have been making an effort to be more multicultural (e.g. UU and UCC)
  13. Learn from local congregations that have been successfully multicultural (less than 80% of any one race) for many years
  14. Conduct regular antiracism audits of Meeting
  15. Work with the BYM camping program
  16. Provide meals rather than snacks at Meeting events
  17. Reduce costs of attending Meeting events either through Meeting subsidies or scholarships or through reliance on free-will offerings
  18. Be alert to specific barriers individual POC may encounter in becoming involved and work to overcome them
  19. Seek feedback from POC and take it seriously
  20. Make sure any POC involved in Meeting activities are heard when they speak
  21. Help individual POC who show up several times to become more involved in Meeting work
  22. Insure that photos and graphic art used in Meeting activities include POC
  23. Post information in the Meeting House in both Spanish and English
  24. Develop joint youth program with a multicultural or mostly POC congregation
  25. Look for resources in the “Black Studies” department of the local university