ad hoc Faith and Practice Process Clarification Committee

The ad hoc Faith and Practice Process Clarification Committee was approved at Tenth Month 2016 Interim Meeting to help the Yearly Meeting clarify the process for moving forward with revisions to the 1988 edition of Faith and Practice.

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The Charge of the committee, as approved at Interim Meeting, reads:

Charge for an ad hoc Committee to Clarify Our Faith and Practice Revision Process, as approved at Interim Meeting 10/15/2016.

Baltimore Yearly Meeting establishes an ad hoc Faith and Practice Process Clarification Committee, which is asked to bring forward a proposal for a first reading at Interim Meeting in March 2017 to 1) offer changes to the Manual of Procedure entries relating to Faith and Practice and 2) provide more detailed guidance to the Faith and Practice Revision Committee (F&PRC) on how to approach its work. A second reading of its proposal would come to Interim Meeting in June 2017. If Interim Meeting reaches unity on a way forward at that time, the ad hoc Committee would be laid down, and the Nominating Committee would be asked to bring names for the F&PRC to Annual Session.

The Presiding Clerk and Clerk of Interim Meeting will name the clerk(s) of the ad hoc Committee, and participation on the Committee would be open to all. All are asked to help ensure diverse participation on the Committee by encouraging Friends to participate that would help achieve that diversity. The Yearly Meeting Presiding Clerk and Clerk of Interim Meeting will ensure that the Committee is diverse. Committee meeting times and locations will be publicized on the Yearly Meeting website and shared by email with those who have requested to be notified of them.

Friends are invited to participate in helping to clarify our Faith and Practice Revision Process and can do so in a variety of ways. At Interim Meeting on 10/15/2016, we approved creation of an ad hoc Faith and Practice Process Clarification Committee. Friends could serve as members of that committee or are welcome to attend committee meetings. We also anticipate that at least one listening session will be held, possibly on 12/3/2016. Friends could also submit comments to the committee. To submit comments, volunteer to serve on the committee, or to be notified of committee meetings, send an email to, which will go to all members of the committee as they are added.

As the committee moves forward with its work, news of their work and copies of interim reports will be posted below.

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Listed below are the current members of the Committee.

Marcy Baker Seitel
Adelphi Friends Meeting
Kevin Caughlan
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
Karen Cunnyngham
Annapolis Friends Meeting
James "Jamie" DeMarco
Homewood Friends Meeting
Walter "Walt" Fry
West Branch Monthly Meeting
Peirce Hammond
Bethesda Friends Meeting
Susan Kaul
Bethesda Friends Meeting
Darcy Lane
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
Fred Leonard
Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Stony Run
Ann Marie Moriarty
Adelphi Friends Meeting
Ken Stockbridge
Patapsco Friends Meeting
Susan Russell Walters
Homewood Friends Meeting