Camp Property Management Committee

CQC Bathhouse Project Update

Tenth Month 11, 2016    

Dear Friends,

I hope you will read this new, updated information about the Catoctin bathhouse project now.  We will be gathering for Interim Meeting this Saturday, 10/15/16 at Sandy Spring, MD.  Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business will begin at 2:00 at the Miller Center at Friends House.  We hope you can be there to join in this discernment.

One of the questions before us will be whether to increase the 2017 capital budget to cover the unexpectedly high cost of the new bathhouse at Catoctin. The old bathhouses have long been a source of concern for campers and their families – often commented upon in camper surveys.  Replacing the bathhouses is urgently needed, and, for years, it has been the subject of much planning, design, discernment, and fundraising.  We are seeking to replace them with an attractive facility in which all people will feel safe and comfortable, and which will have less impact on the watershed.

However, new information and analysis indicate that we may need to raise as much as $530,000 more than we previously expected.  The total project could cost almost $830,000. 

Of course, we hope to complete the project for much less than that.  Staff are working now to identify ways we can reduce costs, in consultation with key committee clerks, our architect and our general contractor.  If things go well, perhaps we will be able to complete the project for less than $730,000.  But even that amount is cause enough for “sticker shock.”  It is far more than the $297,000 we originally expected to spend.  (Questions?  Please see the attached information sheet.)

The Stewardship and Finance Committee and Trustees are preparing recommendations for how we might finance the additional cost using existing resources, anticipated future revenue, and generous contributions and loans from members and camp alums.  (Stay tuned for more details.)  The good news is that this additional cost seems to be within our financial means and can be financed in a way that does not take away from other Yearly Meeting programs and priorities - or require increased apportionments. 

The camping program today contributes in so many important ways to the life of our Yearly Meeting.  Although it does not appeal to everyone, and it is important to support and grow diverse youth programs in different settings, the camping program is nonetheless the way many of our young people first discover the Quaker Way for themselves and discover their own authentic experience of the Spirit within.  It is the way many non-Friends first discover the Quaker Way, and, as such, it opens the possibility for welcoming new seekers into our circles.  And, as the starting point for our Growing Diverse Leadership Program, our camping program is showing us the way to be a more inclusive, multi-cultural, and intergenerational community.  Such new life and blessings this brings. 

How will we be led to support and sustain the Catoctin camp in the year ahead and our other camp facilities in the years ahead?  Please join us as we discern our way forward together in the Spirit.

Ned Stowe

General Secretary

The Camp Property Management Committee is responsible for the physical properties, both affixed and chattel, used by the Yearly Meeting's camps. The Committee also works with the Camp Property Manager.

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Visioning Project Report

In 2010 and 2011, Baltimore Yearly Meeting undertook a project to consider the vision of the Yearly Meeting community. As a part of that project, each committee was asked to respond to a set of queries that had been promulgated by the ad hoc Visiting Ministers Committee. The Camp Property Management Committee's responses are available here.