Supporting Tranformative Relationships in Diverse Environments Working Group (STRIDE)

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Above, STRIDE members, families and friends participate in a family barbeque, a bowling fundraiser, practice hike, and volunteer jarring day. As we represent the many people and groups affected by this work, we remind ourselves to approach these depictions not as tokens, but as moments in the unique experiences of integral members or our community.

STRIDE groups in Baltimore, Philadelphia, the Greater DC Area and Charlottesville work to 1) create access for youth in each of these cities to attend Baltimore Yearly Meeting summer camps and 2) create communities of genuine diversity, equity, and inclusion in these youth serving programs.

STRIDE groups provide leadership opportunities for young adults as part of our core group and opportunities for volunteers of all ages! These groups use a combination of action and self-reflection [link to “Journey with Us” section below] to pursue our goals. Learn more about the different roles in STRIDE.

What does STRIDE do?

BYM camps provide opportunities for enrichment and leadership building in a wilderness environment and STRIDE is committed to ensuring that young people from all racial, geographical, and economic backgrounds have the opportunity to benefit from such an environment. In addition, we feel strongly that the young people we support contribute much to the communities they are a part of and that all benefit from their presence at the camp. Furthermore, research has shown that intergroup contact in collaborative settings builds cultural competence and lowers bias for all.  To this end we provide tuition assistance, gear, transportation, and orientation to families in the program as well as inclusion and equity training and consulting to camp & organizational staff. STRIDE members recruit campers and staff applicants, write grants, and organize events to raise funds and create community with camper families, city organizations, and members of local Meetings.

Journey with Us!

Working to create the Beloved Community is a journey we get to take together.  Try out this 10 min sample reflection from a STRIDE meeting. How does it relate to how you view this project? What lessons can you take into your own meeting or other groups you are a part of?


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Who is STRIDE?

STRIDE members from 4 STRIDE cities show off tokens that represent the skills they bring.

STRIDE is made up of many different types of people including campers and families, volunteers, financial sustainers, community partners, and core members. The core members who keep it all going are as follows:

STRIDE Summer Info 2017

STRIDE Core Contacts

Role Name Phone Email
Outreach and Inclusion Coordinator (OIC) Dyresha Harris 267-997-0814 or
Assistant OIC - Camp Community Support Elaine Brigham 413-695-8484
Assistant OIC - STRIDE Logistical Support Hannah Brown 443-801-1571

Baltimore STRIDE Contacts

Name Phone Email
Hannah Brown 443-801-1571
Laura Grothaus 513-213-2046
Natalie Neill 410-530-3386
Rosalie Eck 301-204-5780
Zuri Cavell-Allette 410-908-7960
Giovanna Selvaggio 301-653-0602

Charlottesville STRIDE Contacts

Name Phone Email
Madeleine Keach 434-825-4538
Julia Calland 434-760-2298
Chelsea "Chelly" Barbour 301-760-6370

DC STRIDE Contacts

Name Phone Email
Hannah Evans 484-844-2414
Jamie DeMarco 443-845-5601
Kait Loftur-Thun 703-405-6851
Nathan Harrington 301-758-5892
Nick Silverson 484-678-3895
Nikki Richards 443-631-4038
Sunshine (Lexi) Klein 301-787-4327
Tom Clement 301-775-9106

Philadelphia STRIDE Contacts

Name Phone Email
Allegra Churchill 415-713-6343
Amanda Wessel 240-393-7201
Erin Harbor 540-460-4756
Geneveive Beck-Roe 773-355-0710
Joni Jeter 804-832-7276
Jossie Dowling 301-651-0208
Maria Adamson 240-475-6019
Tajae Bradley 610-455-5513