Supporting Tranformative Relationships in Diverse Environments Working Group (STRIDE)

The Supporting Tranformative Relationships in Diverse Environments (STRIDE) Working Group (previously called the Camp Diversity Working Group) is under the care of the Camping Program Committee and charged with workign to increase diversity and inclusion at Baltimore Yearly Meeting camps, emphasizing racial and cultural diversity and inclusion. Tenth Month 2014 Interim Meeting concurred with the creation of the working group. (I2014-56)

Listed below are the current members of the working group.

Dyresha Harris, Outreach and Inclusion Coordinator
Baltimore STRIDE
Hannah Brown and Rosalie Eck, Clerks
Hannah Brown
Shiloh Quaker Camp
Rosalie "Rosie" Eck
Adelphi Friends Meeting
Kiah Gibian
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
Kurt Herzog
Catoctin Quaker Camp
Natalie Neill
Homewood Friends Meeting
Giovanna Selvaggio-Stix
Catoctin Quaker Camp
District of Columbia STRIDE
Kaitlin Loftur-Thun and Hannah Graf-Evans, Clerks
Maya Barlev
Catoctin Quaker Camp
Thomas "Tom" Clement
Adelphi Friends Meeting
Hannah Graf-Evans
Catoctin Quaker Camp
Nathan Harrington
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
Nicholas "Nick" Holz-Silverson
Catoctin Quaker Camp
Kaitlin "Kait" Loftor-Thun
Langley Hill Friends Meeting
Philadelphia STRIDE
Jocelyn Dowling, Clerk
Genevieve Beck-Roe
Catoctin Quaker Camp
Allegra Churchill
Charlottesville Friends Meeting
Benjamin Cooper
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
Jocelyn "Jossie" Dowling
Catoctin Quaker Camp