Social Witness Resources for Local Meetings from BYM Advancement and Outreach

This list will be updated as resources are identified. Please share any resources you have found helpful in your social witness with the BYM A&O committee. 

Note: Items not already having specific links will be added over time. They are listed here to be thought starters so that we can work to identify good resources for these issues on the web. 


  1. Effective Messaging for Pubic Witness
  2. Effective Messaging for Print Media
  3. Effective Messaging for lobbying – FNCL –  5 Ways to Make Congress Hear You
  4. Signage
  5. Social Media templates & graphics
  6. Graphics and links for Web page communication

Quaker Social Change Ministry

  1. Ministry Manual

Non-Violent Action planning & training


  • FCNL – establish stronger relationship with FCNL to keep the Local Meeting informed about current actions
  • AFSC

Information on various issues / concerns

  1. Black Lives Matter & racial justice – AFSC
  2. Immigration rights / policy – AFSC
  3. American Muslim Registry
    1. FCNL
    2. AFSC
    3. Council on American Islamic Relations
    4. Sanctuary Movement
  4. Refugee issue – AFSC
  5. Religious Freedom
  6. LGBTQ rights
  7. Women’s rights
  8. Climate Change – FCNL 
  9. Affordable Healthcare
  10. Foreign Policy – FCNL
  11. Prison reform – AFSC
  12. Federal budget – AFSC
  13. Gun Violence FCNL
  14. Israel – Palestine AFSC, FCNL
  15. Ending Racism – AFSC