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Baltimore Yearly Meeting is the regional organizing unit for the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in the area of central Pennsylvania, Maryland, parts of West Virginia, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. It is through membership in a Yearly Meeting that individual Quakers become connected with the larger Quaker movement worldwide. "In fellowship, in deep listening, in waiting worship, in commitment to each other, it richly rewards those who embrace the challenge of being a Yearly Meeting Friend." (2011 draft Faith and Practice)

News on Resignation of General Secretary

On May 30, it was announced that Riley Robinson is leaving his position as General Secretary of Baltimore Yearly Meeting after nine years of service. His last day as General Secretary will be 7/12/2015.

On July 1, the Yearly Meeting welcomed Bob Rhudy as the Interim General Secretary. A copy of the full announcement of Bob's appointment is available here.

Supervisory Committee has sent a letter and documents detailing the preliminary steps being considered for the process of identifying the next General Secretary. Click here to see the complete letter and find links to preliminary queries to consider regarding the General Secretary, a job background for the proposed Interim General Secretary, and a job description for the proposed Interm General Secretary.

Spiritual State of the Meeting Reports Being Gathered

The Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee has promulgated their request for Local Meetings to report on the spiritual state of their Meeting. Queries that Friends might wish to consider in preparing their report were sent to each Meeting in December, 2014. The full text of the message can be seen here.

As reports are received from Meetings over the next months, they will be made available from the Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee section of the website. You may click here to go directly to the list of reports that have been received.

BYM Meetings respond to Unity with Nature Committee's request to discern on environmental dilemmas and aspirations to find "Right Relationship with Creation."

A mindful discernment process will lead us to the hope, inspiration and strength we need. This will be in preparation for Annual Session 2015 with the theme Right Relationship. Unity with Nature's emphasis is "Right Relationship with Creation". Please consider reviewing the discernments of other worship communities of BYM.

Central American Children Seeking Asylum Discernment

Ministry & Pastoral Care Committee carried a concern from Homewood Friends to the 2014 Annual Session about children seeking asylum from Central America. We received the charge from the Yearly Meeting to consider & discern a way for BYM to proceed. We were also directed to serve as a clearing house for information that Monthly Meetings may have gathered from their own leadings, discernment, and actions.

We ask that Local Meetings and individual Friends who have information to share contact our committee. Click here to send an email to the committee.

We continue to seek a way forward for the Yearly Meeting as a whole, and ask that Meetings consider what love requires of them, and how way may open for them to respond to the call of this need.

Click here to go to the page that has been set up to include information that has been received to date.

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Annual Session 2015 begins Tuesday, August 4 and continues to Sunday, August 9. Click the picture for all the information.

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  • Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends is seeking an Outreach and Inclusion Coordinator to work with its Camping Programs. This is a full-time year-round exempt position with weekend requirements, funded by a three-year grant. Click here for the full announcement and a link for the job description.

  • Do you yearn for spiritual deepening? Are you longing for growth in a community of seekers who support one another on our individual journeys? Have you felt a nudge to greater intentionality in your spiritual practice? if so, the Spiritual Formation Program is for you.

  • Facing the Challenge of Climate, a shared Quaker statement, was recently distributed to all local Meetings by the Unity with Nature (UWN) Committee. The statement begins, "As Quakers, we are called to work for the peaceable Kingdom of God on the whole Earth, in right sharing with all peoples." The statement was prepared last year by Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW), the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO), and Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) for use at the 2014 Climate Summit. The statement was lightly revised and will be used to educate negotiators at the 2015 Paris Climate Summit on November 30-December 11. After it was embraced and distributed by Friends World Committee on Consultation (FWCC), the shared statement has attracted signatures from Quaker organizations, as well as monthly and yearly meetings, from around the world. BYM's Unity With Nature Committee is in unity with the statement and will read it for consideration at Annual Session next month. Local meetings can join the statement prior to the Paris Climate Summit in November by contacting QUNO's Lindsey Cook at Meetings are also encouraged to reflect on the content of the statement for inspiration and guidance within their own meetings and communities.

  • The Minutes of Sixth Month 2015 Interim Meeting are now available.

  • The BYM Unity with Nature List Serve is being created for Friends of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to share our witness of current trends in our environment and the implications to our spirit in our search for the loving way forward. Our hope is that you will share your knowledge and provide a respectful testing for the discernment of others in the spirit of ongoing revelation. You can share and find support for your concern about the darkness. You can help build the vision of the love response that will protect and enhance our beloved creation and the opportunity for the lives of our descendants. Click here to join. If you have difficulty with the request, send email with Join Request in the subject line. The list manager will add you to the member list at your request.